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Surface Charge

With professional science groups on protein assays, Creative Biolabs proudly provides protein surface charge analysis for customers. Analysis details of surface charge include:

• Electrokinetic phenomena
• Interaction between proteins
• Formulation of electric double layer
• Zeta potential

Analytical Methods Development for Validation-surface charge analysis

Methods and Instruments

Capillary electrophoresis (CE) and ion exchanging column (IEX) are the most commonly used methods on surface charge analysis. Combining with these two methods, a complete information including the migrate rate of charged particles, zeta potential and coated strategy will be well performed.

Creative Biolabs not only provides surface charge analysis, we also help customers to establish and validate analytical methods by the guidance of cGMP or GMP. Please click here to obtain more details of our other services.

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For R&D use only, not directly for clinical use.