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Insect Cell Expression System

Creative Biolabs offers a versatile and robust cGMP insect production platform using The Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) to help customer get cGMP compatible and high-yielding proteins. Insect expression system represents an adequate compromise between bacterial and mammalian systems and are ideal for the large scale production of complex proteins requiring extensive post translational modifications. We have well-established insect cell lines that can grow to higher densities than mammalian cells, which means smaller culture volumes thus more cost effective.

Advantages of BEVS:

• High cell densities
• Rapid production of proteins
• Improved solubility
• Ability to incorporate post-translational modifications
• High yields for secreted proteins
• Low-cost

Insect cell production

Services we can offer:

• A variety of insect cell lines available (Sf9, Sf21, S2, High Five, etc.)
• Gene synthesis plus codon optimization
• Transfection and selection for recombinant baculovirus
• Amplification of high titer virus stock
• Optimization of recombinant protein expression
• Scale up production in bioreactors
• Large scale purification of recombinant protein
• GMP process development


• Signal proteins
• Cytokines
• Recombinant protein vaccines
• Virus-Like Particle (VLP) based vaccines
• Gene therapy
• Biologics

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