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Pre-formulation and Formulation Development

Creative Biolabs provides custom services for pre-formulation and formulation development studies covering different drugs. At Creative Biolabs, we have formulation experts with extensive expertise and experience to develop a variety of dosage forms. We can perform activity assay through evaluating the physical properties, solubility and stability of your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), which facilitates identification and selection of the optimal form.

Our services for pre-formulation and formulation development include:

Physico-chemical characterization evaluation

Particle size distribution and morphology
Partition coefficient (Log P/LogD)
Dissociation constant (pKa)
Solubility in various bio-relevant media, solvents and pH
Stability under different solvent and pH
Thermal characterization
Forced degradation study

Dosage form selection

Comprehensive excipient selection, screening and evaluation

Compatibility of API and excipient

Formulation selection, optimization and finalization

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