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Creative Biolabs provides antibody identify analysis for customers with validated methods and scientific managements. With years of experiences and state-of-the-art instruments, we are capable to offer personalized services up to your specific requirements.

Antibody identity mostly bases on its primary structure which refers to amino acid sequence. Compares to DNA analysis, protein sequencing requires much accuracy. Depend on the sample conditions, we offer multiple methods to analyze antibody.

The following questions may help you to choose the most appropriate method for you, a combination of different methods is also available.

• Have the identity already been revealed by others?
NO(solution 1) YES(↓)
• Did this sample contain impurities of similar mass?
NO(solution 2) YES(↓)
• Must the structure be maintained during the analysis?
NO(solution 3) YES(solution 4)


1. De novo sequencing: We utilize Edman degradation method to analyze identity from its N-terminal. We ensure 100% accuracy in the sequencing process.
2. Mass spectrometry: MS has a relative high accuracy to distinguish identity through molecule weight.
3. Peptide mapping: Proteins will be digested by specific enzyme and the fragments play as the fingerprints of unique identity.
4. Capillary isoelectric focusing: Different proteins will focus on a limited spot, respectively, in an applied electric field based on their unique isoelectric points.

Creative Biolabs not only provides identity analysis, but also helps customers to establish and validate analytical methods by the guidance of cGMP and GMP. Please click here to obtain more details of our other services.

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