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Fermentation Development

Fermentation Process

Creative Biolabs provides customers efficient and flexible fermentation process development services. Fermentation process is one of the workhorses in the production of many pharmaceuticals. It is a central concern to optimize fermentation process to facilitate following biological material production and scale-up manufacture.

Our service covers all related aspects of fermentation:

Optimization of fermentation process development and scale up

Growth model establishment
Fermenter setup and sterilization
Fermenter inoculation
Fermentation monitoring: power input, working volume, aeration, etc.
Data analysis

Feeding strategies

Creative Biolabs can propose different rational-designed feeding strategies suitable for different strains to achieve a maximum, high quality production.

Development of primary product recovery

Various cell rupture and harvest methods can be used to release products, such as proteins, into a liquid phase. Creative Biolabs provides various cell disruption methods including sonication, micro fluidization, cryopulverization, nitrogen decompression and chemical lysis to meet customer’s different demands.

For inclusion body, Creative Biolabs can develop the process of solubilization, recovery and refolding.

After products are clarified by centrifugation and normal flow filtration, they are prepared for the following process.

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