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Microbial Expression System

cGMP Microbial Production

Creative Biolabs offers custom cGMP manufacturing service for therapeutic antibodies and proteins using different prokaryotic or eukaryotic microbial expression systems. We will design and execute the most suitable manufacturing process based on the process development data. With our state-of-the art cGMP certified facilities, and highly experienced manufacturing team, we deliver the highest grade of products.

At Creative Biolabs, we guarantee that each manufacturing service we perform will meet your requirement in following parameters:

• Quantity
• Purity (up to crystallization-ready level)
• Yield
• Scale (up to 3,000L)
• Cost
• Time
• Endotoxin levels
• Options for producing tag-free proteins
• Post translational modifications

To discuss your Microbial Expression System demands or to request a proposal, please contact us by

For R&D use only, not directly for clinical use.