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Structure and Sequence

Creative Biolabs continuously provides professional services about analytical methods development and validation including structure and sequence analysis. We have skilled experts with abundant experiences in sequencing amino acids as well as monosaccharides. We helped hundreds of customers complete their assays through our high-quality and efficient services. Depending on your specific need, we are willing to perform unique strategy to meet your demands.

Analytical Methods Development for Validation-structure and sequence analysis

Figure shows Sanger’s method of peptide end-group analysis: A derivatization of N-terminal end with Sanger’reagent (DNFB), B total acid hydrolysis of the dinitrophenyl peptide

Macromolecules such as polysaccharides and proteins have a very sophisticated package form of assembling homogeneous or heterogeneous small molecules. The primary structure of macromolecules which refers to the amino acid sequence and monosaccharide sequence can help researchers to predict their bioactivity, also indicate and identify their location in vivo. Creative Biolabs utilizes the most advanced techniques and instruments to help you handle structure and sequence analysis of macromolecules.

The analytical platforms are as followed:

N-terminal amino acid analysis Edman degradation method
C-terminal amino acid analysis Carboxypeptidase method
Peptide mapping/Sequencing Specific enzymes were utilized to digest peptides into individual fragments and then the fragments were identified and reassembled
Monosaccharide analysis/Oligosaccharide Mapping Polysaccharide was firstly hydrolysis, then labeled by a fluorescent substrate(usually 2-AA) and eventually quantified and verified using HPLC
Sialic acid analysis HPAE-PAD
Disulphide linkage Peptides were digested with trypsin and chymotrypsin/trypsin together, respectively. The samples were then analyzed using LC-MS tandem system

Creative Biolabs is not only capable to provide structure and sequence analysis, but also qualified to help you establish and develop a comprehensive analytical method by the guidance of cGMP or GMP depends on your demands. Please click here to see more details about other services.

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