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Creative Biolabs is exceptional qualified to help customers to establish and validate analytical methods on purity analysis. With extensive experiences, our scientists could present individualization services to meet your specific demands.

A successful development of biological/chemical products requires sensitive, specific detection, and we could also use analyzing techniques to eliminate the instability of Biological/chemical. The purity will directly affect the stability of the products in many aspects including the bioactivity, physical appearance and chemical properties. Scientists from Creative Biolabs combine different analytical methods to obtain a thorough and complete assessment of your products based on different characters of impurities.

Analytical Methods Development for Validation-purity analysis

Analytical Methods Development for Validation-purity analysis

The techniques and equipment we used for detection are as follows

RP-HPLC Polarity
SEC Size and weight
Peptide-mapping Primary structure
CE-SCS Isoelectric point
FFF Surface charge
ELISA Immunogenicity
LAL Detecting endotoxin

With experienced scientists in Creative Biolabs, we are proudly providing validated purity testing method and present experimental solutions to help you to approach high purity products by cGMP or GMP guidance.

We also provide methods solutions for different characteristic, click here to see more details about other services.

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For R&D use only, not directly for clinical use.