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Shape and Higher Order Structure

With our skilled and experienced scientists, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive and practical analytical methods for modeling and higher order structure analysis. Structure analysis is one of our most adept procedures, with our well-established methods for sample testing and detecting. And based on your specific requirement, we can offer multiple analytical platforms for your demands.

Shape and Higher Order Structure

Figure 1. Higher order structure of insulin

The most common macromolecules in biochemistry are biopolymers (nucleic acids, proteins, Carbohydrates, and polyphenols) and large non-polymeric molecules (such as lipids and macrocycles).

Macromolecules such as protein, DNA, or RNA are generally formed by intricate folded small molecules. These patterns were called higher order structures. The secondary structures are usually prior focused since they are highly related to their biological functions. Creative Biolabs offers multiple solutions to carry on your research.

Equipment and techniques

CD Investigate the secondary structure of chiral molecule.
X-RAY NMR Observe molecular crystal structure and its atomic interaction.
Epitope Detection Provide massive details of surface structure such as cell membrane.
Specific Binding Label-based or label-free measurement of ligand receptor interaction.

Creative Biolabs will help you develop and validate analytical methods by our qualified researchers using various state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The whole experiment will be well designed to meet your requirement.

We also provide solutions for different characteristics. Click here to see more details about other services.

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