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Hybridoma Cells

Creative Biolabs offers a full range of upstream and downstream service package of in vivo ascites production or in vitro cell culture production of monoclonal antibodies following strict cGMP guidelines. Customizable and cost-effective service is available for scale-up cGMP production of monoclonal antibodies from hybridoma cells.

Services Available:

In Vivo Monoclonal Antibody Production through Mouse Ascites

• Mycoplasma testing and decontamination of hybridoma cell lines
• Multiple strains available(including BALB/c, BALB/c hybrid, Nude and SCID mice)
• Ascites fluid develops in around 2 weeks
• 3-5ml of ascites per mouse with an antibody concentration of ~3-10mg/ml
• Downstream purification of ascites fluid
• Typical turnaround time of 5-8 weeks
• Over 5,000 mice capacity (high lot-to-lot consistency)
• Multi-kilogram quantities of mAb
• Liters of ascites
• Batch record with complete information.

Antibody Hybridoma Production

In Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production through Cell Culture Methods

• Free of endogenous mouse antibodies
• Yield optimization and scale-up production
• Adaption to serum free media
• Multiple production system(spinner flasks, roller bottles, bioreactors)
• 15-50 mg/L for antibody production in vitro
• Downstream purifications
• Multi-gram quantities of high-quality mAb
• Corresponding CHO stable cell line construction

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