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cGMP Stable Cell Line

Stable cell line construction Service

With substantial experience in protein expression and advanced cell line engineering platform, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive cGMP stable cell line construction services starting from DNA sequence and ending with the delivery of top quality stable single clones. Owning all the key actuate variables for the service, housing various host cell lines (microbial and mammalian cell lines), vector technology and clone-adopted media platform, as well as FDA approved cGMP facilities and professional work team, Creative Biolabs provides full cell line development services, including custom biosimilar stable cell lines, for biomanufacturing using the following host cells:

Flow Chart Of Creative Biolabs Stable Cell Line Construction Service

Stable cell line construction Procss

Analysis and Verification of DNA

Creative Biolabs always conducts the analysis and verification of DNA from customers to guarantee the quality of DNA used for stable cell line construction.

Construction of High Expression Vector

Creative Biolabs chooses and constructs proper expression vectors based on the property of the gene sequence. Customer’s opinion is always respected.


Creative Biolabs provides cGMP host cell lines covering microbial, insect and mammalian cells to suit customer’s specific demands. Various transfection methods including electroporation, polyethylenimine (PEI) mediated transfection and lipid-based transfection, are available.

Selection of Initial Stable Producing Pools

Creative Biolabs grows transfected cells in the appropriate selective media to generate stable pools. At least top 3 pools move to the next cloning step depending on the productivity and quality of the pools.


Semi-solid medium plating or serial dilution is performed on the top 3 pools for clone-pecking. And at least top 10 clones from each pool (the number can be extended upon request) are selected.

Fed-batch Evalution & Top Clones Selection

The top 10 clones from each pool are further evaluated based on their growth rate to capture 5-6 best clones. Different strategies can be applied to evaluate the productivity of the clones such as quantitative ELISA or fed-batch cultivation. And the final 3 top clones with robust cell growth and high productivity are selected based on the screening data.

Productivity & Stability Study

Creative Biolabs evaluates the yield and the stability of the final top clones for up to 60 generations (the duration can be extended upon request). The genetic stability of the final clones is evaluated by sequencing the full length of the target gene.

Final Deliverables, QC Data & Full Report

Creative Biolabs provides the top stable clone and comprehensive document report covering the stable cell line generation and all QC data.

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