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Animal Health Improvement

Animal Health Improvement

Creative Biolabs provides one-stop full service of cGMP manufacturing for animal-use medicine and API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). We have the most up-to-date, GMP certified facilities, experienced and well-trained stuff and technicians, reliable animal resource located in different continents around the world. With experienced Ph.D level research scientists, project managers, process validation (PV) and quality control (QC) solution specialists working closely with our manufacturing stuff, a time-efficient delivery of the highest grade of product to improve animal’s health is secured.

We are specialized in manufacturing following products, but not limit to:

• PMSG (Pregnant Mare's Serum Gonadotropin).
• LH
• PC600
• Cloprostenol Sodium for Injection
• PG
• Oxytocin for Injection
• GnRH

Flexible and customized GMP manufacturing for other specific API is also available.

To discuss your Animal Health Improvement demands or to request a proposal, please contact us by

For R&D use only, not directly for clinical use.