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YB2/0 Cell Lines

Creative Biolabs provides rat myeloma cell lines including YB2/0 and its derivatives as hosts for the manufacturing of recombinant monoclonal antibodies. Initially, rat myeloma cell lines were used as a fusion partner to generate rat hybridomas and have been poplar for several years. In recent years, these cell lines have been development as host cells to produce mAb with YB2/0 outstanding. YB2/0 cells naturally have low fucosyltransferase expression, which facilitates it to produce antibodies with significantly low fucose and higher ADCC.

YB2/0 cell lines

For conventional antibodies, Fc is an important function moiety. The N-glycosylation site in CH2 domain with various patterns plays crucial roles in modulating the biological activities of antibodies. Several independent studies have shown that non-fucosylation of the oligosaccharide resulted in a stronger interaction between IgG and FcγRIIIa, which indicates the increased ability of the mAbs with higher ADCC. Moreover, in order to increase ADCC, the level of non-fucosylated glycans does not need to be zero. IgGs with 40% fucosylated glycans may have substantially increased ADCC than those with 90% fucosyl glycans but display about the same ADCC with those with 10% fucosyl glycans. Now there are a number of approaches researched to produce low or non-fucosylated antibodies by engineering host cells. One strategy is to increase the expression of GnTIII or GDP-6-deoxy-D-lyxo-4-hexulose reductase. GnTIII mediates the addition of bisecting GlcNAc with core fucose lacking. GDP-6-deoxy-D-lyxo-4-hexulose reductase is a prokaryoticenzyme and its expression in cytosol can deflect the fucose de novo pathway. The other is to delete FUT8, the gene encoding fucosyltransferase, from host cells.

Based on the second strategy, YB2/0 is a good candidate to produce low fucose recombinant mAbs in large-scale due to its naturally lower expression of FUT8. YB2/0 is a derivative of the hybrid myeloma YB2/3HL cell line. The line YB2/0 does not secrete any light chain immunoglobulins. It is originated from a fusion between AO and LOU cells.

If you want to produce antibodies with increased or decreased ADCC or other “fit-for-purpose” antibodies, Creative Biolabs can assist to design appropriate strategy and develop stable cell lines to accelerate your researches.

Creative Biolabs is capable of providing the following stable cell lines for various proteins expression:


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