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Huh-7 Cell Lines

As a professional service provider in the field of cell line construction and recombinant protein manufacturing, Creative Biolabs now offers Huh-7 cell line for customers to meet your specific recombinant protein production requirements.

Huh-7 cell lines

Huh-7 is a well differentiated hepatocyte derived cellular carcinoma cell line that was originally taken from a liver tumor in a 57-year-old Japanese male in 1982, which is an immortal cell line of epithelial-like tumorigenic cells, established by Nakabayshi, H. and Sato, J. This human hepatoma cell line is commonly used studying liver cancer, hepatitis and their potential therapies.Huh-7 cells are receptive to transfection with certain viruses, especially hepatitis-related viruses. For example, Huh-7 cells can be used to elucidate HCV, the hepatitis C virus, interacting with hepatocytes in vivo. HCV can cause acute and chronic hepatitis, as well as cancer, in its hosts. According to statistics, this virus has affected more than 170 million people worldwide. In addition, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) cannot be propagated in cultured cells but two human hepatoma cell lines, HepG2 and Huh-7, support virus replication when transfected with HBV DNA. Hence, transfection of Huh-7 cells with appropriate HBV vectors remains the most robust system to analyze HBV replication and its inhibition and using this human hepatoma cell line to construct stably HBV producing cells can offer standardized conditions for drug screening. Aside from being quite useful for oncogenic studies, Huh-7cells have been employed to reveal regulatory mechanisms of gene expression, apoB metabolism and VLDL secretion.

Recently, Huh-7 cells are emerging as an alternative cultural system for the production of recombinant proteins, including insulin, human like erythropoietin (EPO), human factor IX (hFIX) and its mutant forms. To be specific, Huh-7 cell line is capable of storing and secreting insulin in a regulated fashion. Huh-7 cells were demonstrated to have the potential to secrete the comparable level of human like erythropoietin to the CHO cell line which is already being used for commercial production of erythropoietin and the erythropoietin expressed by HuH-7 contains post-translational modifications (PTMs) similar to their natural counterpart. Huh-7 cells can be transfected by vectors containing the wild-type or mutant human factor IX cDNAs directed by a CMV promoter, resulting in producing recombinant hFIX with a human glycosylation profile, which has improved PTMs compared to non-human mammalian cells derived recombinant proteins. In general, as a human-cell based expression system, Huh-7 can provide some unique characteristics to the recombinant therapeutic proteins, including human-specific glycosylation pattern, lower immunogenicity, greater biological activity and increased half-life.

With access to Huh-7 cell line of high quality, various expression vectors with strong promoters as well as other technologies for cell line construction, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing customer-oriented cell line services according to your specific demands in quality, timeline and budget.

Creative Biolabs is capable of providing the following stable cell lines for various proteins expression:

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