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HT-1080 Cell Lines

HT-1080 cell lines

The human fibrosarcoma cell line, HT-1080, is quite useful as a host cell line for the expression of various recombinant protein pharmaceuticals. With the use of gene activation technology, a more potent DNA promoter can be introduced into the upstream of an endogenous gene in the host cell line to replace the endogenous DNA promoter. There are four therapeutic proteins generated in those HT-1080 cell lines that have been approved by FDA or/and EMA:

(1) Epoetin delta, also known as DYNEPO, was approved by the EMA in 2002 for the treatment of anemia secondary to chronic renal failure, regrettably, which has been voluntarily withdrawn by its manufacturer for commercial reasons;
(2) Iduronate-2-sulfatase, also known as idursulfase or ELAPRASE, was licensed as enzyme replacement therapy and was approved by FDA and EMA successively for the treatment of Hunter syndrome;
(3) Agalsidase alfa, also known as REPLAGAL, was approved by the EMA in 2001 for the treatment of Fabry disease;
(4) Velaglucerase alfa, also known as VPRIV, was approved by both FDA and EMA in 2010 for the treatment of type 1 Gaucher disease.

The important producer cell line, HT-1080, was initiated from a biopsy of a fibrosarcoma with an epithelial-like phenotype arising adjacent to the acetabulum of a 35-year-old male in July 1972, who died without having received any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. At first, the HT 1080 was mostly used as cell material in different kinds of biology researches, for example, it has been used extensively to study the effect of anti-inflammatory agents on the gene expression of inflammatory mediators. Then, it was found that the human HT-1080 fibrosarcoma cells had the capability of rapid accepting transfected genes carried by a variety of vectors, therefore, this cell line has been widely used in the study of gene overexpression and gene therapy strategies. As the recombinant protein expression technology arise to be a popular and promising approach for the large scale manufacture of numerous protein pharmaceuticals, HT-1080 cell line becomes an important member of cell producers for recombinant proteins since it has all the advantages of human cell line as a host cell line. The HT-1080 cell line can produce proteins with adequate post-translational modifications (PTM) and low level of immunogenic reactions. In addition, the HT-1080 is proven to be a predominant recombinant system for the expression of fibrillar collagens, since the cells do not normally synthesize a fibrillar collagen. Therefore, the isolation and analysis of the procollagen produced from the transgene is greatly simplified.
With enriched expertise about HT-1080 cells and Ph.D level scientist teams, as well as extensive experience in using HT-1080 cell line to express recombinant proteins, especially recombinant antibodies, Creative Biolabs is capable of providing the most suitable solutions for customers who prefer manufacturing specific proteins by using human fibrosarcoma cell line HT-1080.

Creative Biolabs is capable of providing the following stable cell lines for various proteins expression:

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